The Diamond Guide

The Diamond Guide


The Diamond Guide

At Cameron Jewellery we pride ourselves on using diamonds that are of a high quality and whose colour clarity and cut have not been sacrificed for carat weight. All our diamonds come with either a Quasar certificate or a GIA certificate, and in many cases both. Here at Cameron Jewellery we use the ‘four c’s’ to help educate our customers and explain about the diamond buying process. The ‘four c’s’ include cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.
Peter has always believed that cut is the most important C, and will always tell you that if a diamond is cut well then the diamond will always look its best. The diamonds we purchase will always have an Excellent or Very Good Cut grading. The Cut Grade measures how the individual proportions combine to effect the beauty of a diamond. Diamonds with a high cut grade will have a high degree of brightness, fire (rainbow colours) and scintillation (sparkle). High cut grades include “Excellent” and “Very Good” (Quasar Diamonds range) , midrange includes “Good”, and low end includes “Fair” and “Poor”.

Quasar Diamonds are graded using the G.I.A and HRD colour grading scale (D-Z). Most diamonds are colourless to slightly yellow. The highest grade is “D” or colourless exceptional white and extends to “Z” or light yellow. Depending on your tastes and budget, here at Cameron Jewellery we let you choose where you would like your diamond to be on the colour scale. Usually we suggest to choose a diamond around G-H colour

All diamonds contain imperfections. The very best, and rarest, clarity is Flawless (FL). Because many inclusions are not visible to the naked eye, diamonds are graded under 10x magnification.

Again depending on your taste and budget, we will let you specify where on the scale you would like your diamond to be, though we suggest to try and keep between SI1 and SI2, but if we do need to go lower we always have the stone checked for any major inclusions.

Diamond weight is measured in carats and we often refer to diamonds in points, 100pts = 1 ct. At Cameron Jewellery we believe carat weight is completely determined by what you feel comfortable wearing and spending. Some people prefer to wear a larger diamond and compromise on colour and clarity, while others prefer to choose something smaller but go higher up the scale

Diamonds can be cut in various shapes and can be chosen to suit your design and personality. A fancy cut diamond is a non round diamond, and the princess cut is the most popular fancy cut. At Cameron Jewellery you can choose from any of the shapes below, we really enjoy helping customers choose the shape that suits them best and matching different shapes together to create a truly unique look