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ZiRO - 9ct Rose Gold & Black Zirconium Inlay Band

ZiRO - 9ct Rose Gold & Black Zirconium Inlay Band

9ct Rose Gold and Black Zirconium Band.

Ziro Black Zirconium rings are made in New Zealand from the mineral Zircon (ZrSiO4), which is found in S-Type giant stars and the sun.  When exposed to extreme heat, Zirconium forms a distinctive black coating which has a texture similar to ceramic.

Zirconium is harder than platinum. Black Zirconium rings are not plated or coated with any other substance. They are created through a heat-treating process that causes the ring’s entire surface to oxidise and, therefore, turn black. This allows us to create stunning two-tone designs by cutting into the metal to reveal the silver tone of the natural zirconium beneath the surface.

The size of this ring is New Zealand size W.

The flat band is 7mm x 1.5mm, with the Black Zirconium inlaid into the Rose Gold.

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