Amber Baby Bead Necklace

Amber Baby Bead Necklace

Polish Amber baby bead necklaces, threaded on cord and knotted between each bead with an Amber screw catch.

Amber beads are a widely popular choice for teething babies. Unlike some teething remedies such as painkillers, amber teething necklaces do not have any side effects. Amber teething necklaces work as an effective pain reliever due to a compound find inside amber known as succinic acid; this is an anti-inflammatory agent that targets gum inflammation which is the primary source of pain in teething babies.

Available in deep orange or yellow, approx. finished length 34cm.

Please note: you should supervise your baby when they wear it; regularly inspect the necklace to ensure that there are no loose pieces, and never let your baby put the necklace in your mouth.


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